Sabobe team introduction

For this first post on our blog tab, we wanted to tell you about who we are, how we work and what we are working towards.

Sabobe focuses on up-and-coming talents but also on more established acts. Acting as an international booking agency we represent emerging talents from France, Israel, Canada, West Africa and well-known major artists such as Playing for Change & The Supremes. Our taste in music: Soul, alternative, reggae, jazz and rock. Having an eclectic roster is definitively our trademark.

Our team:

Sandra Borchert is the founder of Sabobe and has been in the media industry since 2006, but her talent has no bonds as she is also an expert in foreign languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Swedish), dubbing, has editorial experience, is an author, and has been involved with writing screenplays.

Julie Gossart has been working in music since 2014, notably in a booking agency in Toronto (AIM) where she developed her passion for being a booking agent. Globetrotter, she also finds happiness in communicating in 4 different languages.

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