Welcome to the newest talent on our roster !


In the life of a booking agent, there are two ways to get into an agreement with an artist. Either the agent stumbles upon the artist’s music and falls in awe for it or it goes the opposite way and the artist finds its own path to the agent.

Therefore how happily surprised does an agent get when receiving an email from a band they don’t know yet ?  We can for sure say: EXTREMELY chuffed and flattered when that band turns out to be the talented Colombian duet Dánae, telling us how they only heard positive echos about our agency !

We now are excited to share that Dánae is the latest artist to be added to our roster, and we are open to opportunities for them to play around Germany, as long as other European countries.

You can listen to them here. For those in Berlin on the 22nd of August, check out the next planned gig here.

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