Panafrican festival Berlin

We have some big news to tell you !

After months of uncertainty, we can now confirm that along with our cultural association and many awesome partners, our Panafrican festival will take place in Berlin on the first week of September.

The concept is simple: to promote the ideology of Pan-Africanism through African art in all of its aspects. We also want to contribute to the diversity of the Berlin community and to the development of the eclectic cultural life, more specifically the African Folklore, whose messages speak of diversity, peace, acceptance and tolerance.

You may wonder why we are interested in that subject, well the project started to grow naturally between Sabobe and Mimosa booking while working on the organisation of concerts and exhibitions of African artists from Rwanda, Ghana, Burundi, Senegal and Tanzania. Then, the idea slowly evolved into “why don’t we actually create one ‘space’ where all these artists can be exposed?”

Behind our project was always standing the purpose to showcase and connect African art as well as to create a synergy and a network for the future of the artists who will be representing the first edition of Panafrican festival. More than anything else, we are trying to strengthen relationships between all the countries of Africa and its diasporas. As you will see at a later point when our line up is full, there will be artists, speakers, writers, directors, cooks, and musicians from various African countries such as Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Senegal, Rwanda, Burkina Faso and Burundi.

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